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Fluoride Update: Call To Action

Back in 2010 we reported that the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) — a European Commission (EC) elected committee — recognized the hazards of water fluoridation and had brought the matter to the EC's attention...

That was then... and as we all by now know: Medical authorities chop and change their minds at the drop of a hat.

Unfortunately, despite the SCHER's report back then, not much has changed in terms of removing this poison from our drinking water... or even to reduce its upper safety limit.

In 2007, two key petitions were submitted to the EC concerning the addition of fluoride to the drinking water in Ireland and in the UK. In August 2012, the EC finally responded, saying: "Neither the [World Health Organization] WHO nor the [Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risk] SCHER concluded that an amendment of the limit value for fluoride in the Drinking Water Directive (1.5 mg/l), was necessary because of new scientific evidence.

Both recognise, however, that there are specific aspects like the protection of vulnerable groups, such as children, that may be exposed to higher levels of fluorides if no appropriate risk management is in place".