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Study Confirms Statin And Diabetes Link

We know the risks and those who are taking cholesterol-lowering statins have to live horrendous consequences of their side effects.

Weakness (asthenia), lack of energy and fatigue, muscle cramps, muscle damage, shortness of breath, depression, liver damage, kidney failure and memory loss. That's what you are potentially letting yourself in for when you start taking these drugs... and all for the sake of lowering your cholesterol to ridiculously low levels, which can lead to its own set of problems.

And still, despite all these serious risks, doctors, so-called 'experts', and researchers come forward, on cue, and say… "The benefits still outweigh the risks."

That phrase is truly getting ridiculous.

The latest research, published in The Lancet, confirms one more potential adverse side effect: diabetes. It also helps clarify exactly which patients are at greatest risk.

Busting the heart disease myth

Here's how the researchers summed up their results:

* Patients with type 2 diabetes risk factors who take statins are more likely to develop diabetes compared to statin users with no risk factors.

* The benefits still outweigh the risks because statins prevent heart disease.

Argh!!! It's preposterous and that last statement is utterly false.

Back in January 2012, in an article published in the Wall Street Journal, cardiologist Dr. Rita Redberg said this… "For most healthy people, data show that statins do not prevent heart disease, nor extend life or improve quality of life. And they come with considerable side effects."

Now that statement nailed it bang on the head. Thank you, Dr. Redberg.

Now, as for those statin users who are at greater diabetes risk, there's no need to brace yourself. It's not going to come as a great surprise.

The study found that statin users with obesity or high blood sugar were at greater risk of diabetes. Which is like saying people who drive cars have a greater chance of getting where they're going.

Here's exactly how far off the mark the conclusion of this latest study is: obesity and high blood sugar increase heart disease risk. So under the completely mistaken impression that statins prevent heart disease, many doctors automatically prescribe statins to patients who are obese or have high blood sugar. And even though that's clearly disastrous, they'll continue doing it because again and again and again they hear this phrase…

"The benefits still outweigh the risks."

If you have a family member or a friend who uses a statin and has any diabetes risk factors, please share this information with them. Even the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now requires a type 2 diabetes warning on all statin drugs, but that doesn't mean the message is getting through to everyone... not even so-called 'expert researchers'.